Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

We certainly don’t have to tell you the advantages of having smoke detectors. They have proven to save many thousands of lives year after year. However, depending on your age and the age of your home or office, the electrical and building codes associated with smoke detection have drastically changed over the decades since their invention.

The short of it is, any new build is going to be required to include smoke detectors. Additionally, it isn’t just smoke detectors that are required but also carbon monoxide detectors. These days they can be found as a single unit. So what does that mean for those that own an older home or building?

You need to have a licensed electrician install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. While you can purchase battery operated detectors, we see far too often when dead batteries prevent the unit for working. Hard wiring the detectors means you don’t have to worry about changing batteries every year. It is more convenient and safer.

However, let’s take it a step further. For detectors to work properly, their placement in your home is key. Randomly placing where you think they should go is not ideal nor is it to code. Thus, further emphasizing the need for having the licensed electricians at All Electric complete your installation.

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