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Your home is your most prized possession. Not only is it an asset that you can take pride in, but it also provides a place to live, love, and make memories as a family.

For modern families, this means using a lot of electricity and power. Whether you are enjoying your favorite shows, browsing the web, or controlling the temperature of your water, food, or the entire house, you need electricity for it all.

Let the professional electricians at All Electric be your full-service provider of residential electrical services in Lakewood, CO. We offer the wide range of services your family needs to enjoy a safer, more comfortable home.

Cover Your Bases

Moving into a new home or renovating your current property can be expensive and stressful. When you partner with our experienced team of electrical contractors, you reduce downtime and undue cost with all your electrical services under one roof.

Need an electrical service panel replacement? We can do all types of electrical panel upgrades. Looking for lighting installation that will look professional and beautiful every time? We have you covered there, too. Any electrical repair or problem you have, we have the tools, techniques, and master electricians you need to solve it, and we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction

Upgrade Your Lifestyle

The everyday necessities are not the only thing we help to improve and simplify. We also offer residential electrician services to make your life more fun and energy efficient, from recreation to transportation and beyond.

Eying a new hot tub for your home? We can help with hot tub wiring or provide complete hot tub electrical installation services. Want to upgrade to more beautiful lighting, indoors or out? We can do that, too! Create a gorgeous, upscale bathroom or a lighted outdoor oasis, all with the help of efficient electric installation from our experienced electrician team!

What about upgrading your travels? Can electricity help with that?

It can, with the help of our team of experienced technicians!

Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years, and our team can provide services to help you bring one home for your family. Looking for electric car charger installation services? Our Lakewood electrician team offers EV charger installation that is simple, swift, and stylish – so you never have to hide your charging station!

Ready to learn more about what we have to offer to our valued clients in Lakewood, Colorado? Give us a call today to find out how our team of licensed electricians can offer you quality customer service and help you light up your family’s world!

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