Electrical Panels and Breaker Boxes

Breaker Box, Electrical Panels, is there a difference?


Both electrical panels and breaker boxes are one-in-the-same. In short, both describe the central hub where electricity enters your residence. The panel or box is where the electricity is separated into different circuits within the panel. If a circuit is overloaded it will shutdown as a safety precaution.

When a breaker trips it’s a short or the wire has over heated. This is usually because the circuit is being overloaded with to many devices plugged into an outlet. The breaker has a spring loaded switch attached to the breaker, like a thermostat. When it reaches a certain temperature the wire snaps back and the breaker trips. This disengages the power on the breaker to protect the wire so it can cool down.

If this type of activity continues, it is best to contact a licensed electrician. Ignoring a symptom like this could prove catastrophic, particularly in an older home.

Electrical codes often change. Keeping up with those codes can be difficult. Without a doubt, they should never be ignored. Even newer homes, will eventually fall behind in codes if not updated. It’s a shocking but sad truth. Failure to update your electrical system may result in an electrical fire if overloaded.

Electrical Panels and Breaker Boxes

Electrical Panel Upgrades

When you stop to think about how much technology has changed in the last couple of decades, can you imagine a couple of decades from now? What amazing technological advancements will we have made? What will this mean to electricity consumption? This remains to be seen. However, it is almost inevitable that requirements and codes will adapt to meet the new demands.

We’ve spoken at length about older electrical panels not being up to code. So what does that mean to the homeowner? There is no broad answer. This will need to be determined on a case by case situation. Schedule a licensed electrician to do a full home evaluation. An in-depth review of not only your Electrical Panel or Breaker Box but your wiring and connections. These are just a few of the things professional electricians will review during a full evaluation.

Licensed Electricians

We continually state that working with licensed electricians is key. All Electric’s professional team of licensed electricians proudly serve the Denver and surrounding areas. The safety of your home and family depend on a safe electrical system. Contact our team today. We will help you with any electrical services you may need. We look forward to assisting you.