Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated circuits are electrical circuits that are designed and installed for specific appliances or equipment. They are separate from the main electrical circuit that powers the entire house or building. Here are some key points about these circuits:

1. Purpose: Dedicated circuits are used for appliances that require a higher amount of electricity than what is typically available from a standard electrical outlet. Examples include refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, and computers.

2. Wiring: Dedicated circuits have their own dedicated wiring from the circuit breaker panel to the outlet or appliance. The wires used are typically of a larger gauge to handle the higher electrical load.

3. Circuit Breaker: Each has its own circuit breaker in the main electrical panel. The circuit breaker acts as a safety device and will automatically shut off the power to the dedicated circuit if it senses an overload or short circuit.

4. Code Requirements: When installing dedicated circuits, it is important to follow local electrical codes and regulations. These codes specify the requirements for wire size, breaker size, and grounding for each dedicated circuit.


5. Benefits: Dedicated circuits provide a few benefits. Firstly, they ensure that the appliance or equipment has a reliable and sufficient power source, preventing electrical damage or fire hazards. Secondly, they help prevent overloading the main electrical circuit, reducing the risk of tripped breakers and power outages.

6. Cost: The cost of installing these circuits will vary depending on factors such as the distance between the breaker panel and the appliance, the type of wiring needed, and any additional electrical work required. Always contact our team of licensed electricians for proper installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Dedicated Circuits

Overall, dedicated circuits provide a reliable and safe power source for appliances and equipment that require a high amount of electricity. They help ensure optimal performance and prevent electrical issues in the home or building. However, they should only be worked on by licensed and trained electricians.

We invite you to contact our team of licensed professionals for all of your electrical needs!