Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation does have to be boring or be your grandmother’s fan! What do we mean? Today there are so many great options! Not only is the sky the limit when it comes to design… with smart devices, you can live a life of luxury.

Before we go too deep into the bells and whistles, let’s get back to basics. A ceiling fan, if used properly, can save you money on your electric bill. That’s right! During the hotter months it can drop the room temperature several degrees. In the winter months, reversing the direction the blades spin, will help distribute heat and move it from the ceiling to the floor. That adds up to savings in your bank account by the end of the year.

However, let’s get back to the bells and whistles!

When you add a fan that is a SMART fan and has the ability to be powered remotely and on a schedule… well, now you are just talking about an original Star Trek episode. Right?!


ceiling fan installation

Modern Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans today offer an unlimited number of options. You can connect some to your phone, there are remote controls, programs, timers, and much more. Know this going into it. When searching this new world of fans, soak it all in. Then decide, option by option, which ones make sense for you. Which ones will actually offer you added convenience more than headache?

If you get stuck, we are here to help. You can always contact our team of licensed electricians and we can help you select the fans that are perfect for you. Both aesthetically and functionally. Simply contact us!