Can Lights or Recessed Lights

Canned Lighting or Recessed Lights are a beautiful way to light your home or office. For those looking for clean lines and a minimalist style, this is a go-to. The term “can lights” dates back to when recessed lighting was much larger and each light was more of a can that was inserted into the ceiling. Today, the “cans” are much more compact. The tech advances over the past several decades has allowed for smaller lights that shine brighter and last longer.

Installation for your recessed lighting, should definitely be reserved for a licensed electrician. There is a lot that goes into them looking like an upgrade and not an eye-sore. Placement is key and as we often preach, electricity should be left to the licensed electricians.

Otherwise, you are risking safety.

Recessed lights are an excellent way to upgrade your home or office without diving into a complete renovation. Additionally, proper lighting in any space is a bonus. It helps a room appear larger and more open. When you tuck that lighting into the ceiling, you open the space even more. This is perfect for a cozy area.

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Can Lights