Aluminum Wiring Repair

We love seeing historic homes from decades past. New homes are great, of course, but there is nothing more nostalgic than spending a winter with family in an older home in Colorado. A home with character and stories of years past. However, thousands of these beautiful old homes are in great need of aluminum wiring repair.

That can be a downside when it comes to an older home. That rather notable issue of the practice of using aluminum wiring. This was done during the 60’s and 70’s. Unfortunately, it was later learned that aluminum was not the best type of wiring for moving electric current.

You know what they say about hind sight…

But don’t fret! There are solutions for your home’s aluminum wiring. They can include repairs or replacement and our professional team of licensed electricians can help you every step of the way.

All Electric will send our electricians to you home and evaluate your home and discuss your options with you. We’ll work with you to find solutions that work for your budget and schedule the work when it is convenient for you.

Our Five Star Service starts the moment you contact us!

Contact us today, we look forward to assisting you.


aluminum wiring repair