Residential and Commercial Electrical Contractor Services 
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  1. Lighting
    Enhance the appeal of your entry way or dining room area with a new chandelier, ceiling fan, and recessed lighting. Ask about our cost savings by switching to LED lighting.
  2. "Installations, new work or just have outlets that dont work?"
    "Installations, new work or just have outlets that dont work?"
    Have you thought about repairing, replacing, and relocating an outlet? Become one of our satisfied customers and let us give you a free quote today.
  3. Electrical panel service and upgrades
    Electrical panel service and upgrades
    Electrical panel upgrades are a necessity in preventing electrical issues due to modern demands in older homes.
We offer residential and commercial electrical contractor services and this season we are offering a special on our basic service panel update package. This package includes replacing service electrical  panels, basic breakers, the meter, and associated hardware if required by your local utility company. To meet the grounding requirements set by the National Electrical Code 2017,when we do you electrical panel  we will also update the grounding to meet newer code compliance. We highly encourage upgrading older electrical panels like Federal Pacific or Zinsco  electrical panels as they are known to cause fires in older homes.
Working with local real estate agents, newer homes require updated electrical panels.  As homes become more electrically demanding, upgrading ensures sufficient capacity for any future needs and wants.
Our most popular request is adding a hot tub circuit or finishing your dream basement, kitchen, bathroom or all. A small job such as installing a new outlet or rewiring a full house, no job is too small. Understanding a busy home life, we are able to work around your schedule even working weekends, upon request. Please take advantage of our limited offer to guarantee a spot.

    Aside from our special, we offer other electrical contractor services including old aluminum wiring replacement, lighting upgrades, subpanels, security motion lighting, etc. Since aluminum wiring is not up to date with our 2017 electrical code, we are able to install copper wiring to ensure the safety of your home. No matter your needs, all jobs are unique. Let us come to your home to evaluate your specific project to determine the best option for you. We can reach us direct as (720) 951 - 4619 or submit a request on our website. Please leave your name and a brief description with a call back number to ensure a prompt response from our team.